Integrating Enterprise Education across the curriculum and making it accessible for all #EERPF

Integrating Enterprise Education across the curriculum and making it accessible for all #EERPF

Group Size ? 1.) Small group (teams of 4-6)
2.) Individual Task
3.) Large Group
4.) Any

Learning Environment ? 1.) Lecture Theatre
2.) Presentation Space
3.) Carousel Tables (small working group)
4.) Any
5.) Outside
6.) Special

QAA Enterprise Theme(s) ? 1.) Creativity and Innovation
2.) Opportunity recognition, creation and evaluation
3.) Decision making supported by critical analysis and judgement
4.) Implementation of ideas through leadership and management
5.) Reflection and Action
6.) Interpersonal Skills
7.) Communication and Strategy


This project provided an opportunity for students to develop their enterprise skills. An on-line resource was created where students can complete short exercises to assess their current skill level and guide them on how they could further develop in the areas where they are lacking. A series of exercises and lesson plans that academics can use in all subject areas to integrate the essential Enterprise Education skills identified were created. These included but are not exclusive to: Innovation, creativity, communication, team-working and leadership and will have an impact on teaching and learning, research, knowledge exchange and engagement.


Outline: Communications Icebreaker Introduction

Outline: Creative Rich Pictures

Outline: Creativity and Evaluation Using Questioning SCAMPER

Outline: Elevator Pitch

Outline: Engaging Alumni for Real World Learning

Outline: How can you creative value from freely available resources

Outline: Opportunity Recognition 'Solution Conference'

Outline: Quick Smart Presentation

Outline: Team Development through Skill Analysis

Powerpoint: Enterprise Education Student Guide

Powerpoint: Enterprise Education Introduction - Quick Smart Presentation

Powerpoint: Enterprise Education Introduction 

Powerpoint: Quick Smart Presentation Template

Powerpoint: Building Confidence Presentation

About the Author
This guide was produced by Joanne Morrissey (Anglia Ruskin University).