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Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme is a five-year initiative (2018 - 2023) to support university and institutional partnerships with the UK to develop entrepreneurship and enterprise skills for students and young entrepreneurs across seven countries: Ukraine, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) and South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia). We do this by enabling national policy forums, development of new curriculum and enterprise education materials, and establishing business incubation centres. The programme was designed to support the underdeveloped creative enterprise sector, with a demand for entrepreneurship education and to support wealth and better job opportunities.

This year there is an exhibition being held in Coventry, below are some key resources to support you:

  1. Logo: EntreComp 'flower' visuals (free to use, for educational purposes): 3 key areas logo and full framework flower image
  2. Handout: EntreComp in Action 2 pager overview from EnterpriseEvolution
  3. Teacher Guide: EEUK EntreComp Summary (2021)
  4. Teacher Support: Mini-report 'building blocks' report 
  5. Resource (printable): EntreComp card deck from EnterpriseEvolution
  6. Task: LegoDuck
    EEUK powerpoint slides to run creative-doing task online or in person
    Teacher's notes for Lego Ducks
    Example of approach (teacher notes) https://coffeeforthebrain.com/the-powerful-learning-in-making-a-lego-duck/ 
    Resources: slide deck or purchase Serious Play Lego Duck brick pack (and other resources are available that suggest other activities with the kits)


In support of full framework report EntreComp into Action Mccallum, E., Weicht, R., Mcmullan, L. and Price, A., EntreComp into Action - Get inspired, make it happen: A user guide to the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, Bacigalupo, M. and O`keeffe, W. editor(s), EUR 29105 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018, ISBN 978-92-79-79360-8, doi:10.2760/574864, JRC109128.



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