Enhancing the Curriculum

A Toolkit of Teaching Techniques

Enhance Your Curriculum

QAA produces benchmark statements which set out what graduates should know and be able to do, and produces guidance on topics such as enterprise education.

Joanna Wynn

Media Relations Officer, Public Engagement Group

Teaching staff will have access to information relevant to their own disciplines using this valuable resource.

Dr David Blaney

Chief Executive, HEFCW

Making learning happen needs to be the focused intent of every dedicated educator

Professor Phil Race


Excellent teaching doesn't just happen by chance: it is the outcome of purposeful and evidence-informed curriculum design, focused on fostering real student engagement​

Professor Sally Brown


EEUK - committed to supporting, developing and connecting enterprise educators for over 14 years to enhance innovative delivery across a broad range of disciplines.

Enterprise Educators UK

NCEE welcomes the development of resources which support the educator to learn from leading thinkers as well as real practioners working in their own subject areas


Having been developed by University of South Wales, through HEFCW funding, this project is now delivered by Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK). This free-to-use educational resource now forms part of the offer of enterprise membership organisation EEUK.


Curated by Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK)

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